I don’t think that it’s a far off thought that within every person there exists multiple identities. It only makes sense. Why do we act differently when we’re around different groups of people? One could almost say that our present identity is made up of synthesis of our environment, the person we’re communicating with, and the our present thoughts. In this light, identity is constantly in motion, shifting from one identity to the next as we move from one scene to the next. This is how I’ve begun to explain myself to  others in the past. Whether they’ve understood or not, makes no difference. To me the idea behind the concept is what it is and it’s a part of my life.

The sun was beginning to set in the distance as I sat in my usual bench a few blocks from my home. The familiar sounds around me tended to offer a great deal of comfort during difficult days like today. Work hadn’t been too particularly difficult, but the end of the week always carried with it a somber note, though to many it marks the beginning of the weekend. I could hear the kids in the nearby park. Parents tended to congregate with their children on Fall days like today after work. I admired my town for what it was worth. It wasn’t too far off from the city, but one would almost think that you had entered into a different world. This was what I admired. It was what I needed. Sounds of the gentle current along the shore mixed with the lessening sounds of the cars on main street,  this made up the soundtrack of my daily life.

I paused on the thought of my daily life. From the minute I wake up till now, I am the person most people know. I am one side of a two-sided coin, one half of yin and yang and don’t bother to ask me which one it was exactly. I wouldn’t think myself all that different from many really. It’s easy to play a certain role when you go through the motions daily. It reminds me of the way actor’s learn their lines. It’s the familiarity of actions that makes memorization easier. A simple concept though I’d never really mastered it. As I wavered on this thought, a couple in front of me paused to take a picture. I was used to the tourists that passed through here and this couple most certainly weren’t locals. Nonetheless, it was nice to see them enjoying the view I valued.

By this point, I’ve switched sides. It’s difficult to maintain a stern disposition when you’re surrounded by so much life. Maybe that’s why I had chosen to live here or at least one of the reasons. As my feelings softened, a familiar man approaches. His defining quality is most certainly his poise, the calculation of his every movement.

He says, “It’s been quite a week.”

I reply, “A week like any other. The breeze off the shore is very nice. I suppose there’s a lot of good that comes from a few days of rain.”

The polite and poised man responds, “I’ve always quite enjoyed the rain myself. It’s very… calming.”

I let out a slight laugh. He stays just the same. I know what he’ll say next so I decide to cut him off.

I state, “We’ll make arrangements for that trip tonight.”

He nods and walks away. You might be asking yourself who he was. Well, I can tell you that no one else has walked by me since the couple and no conversation had in reality taken place, at least to anyone who would’ve been observing. I get up and begin walking the cobbled streets up to my apartment, nodding and smiling to the familiar faces on the street.


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